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Transforming a Manuscript into a Literary Work
The best writers understand the need for a book editor's revision. They know after focusing intently on a draft that some issues just become too close to notice. Deficient structure may reduce the level of interest in your book. Sometimes, manuscripts include underdeveloped elements or elements with low impact that reduce their effectiveness. Inexact grammar often leads to lack of clarity.

Service You Can Trust
We guarantee confidentiality and you retain copyright ownership. Our strict privacy and confidentiality policy protects your manuscript and your ideas. Our book editors have all signed legally binding non-disclosure agreements to protect every client's confidentiality and copyright. Your manuscript file is completely secure as well. File transfers are encrypted when using our contact form. We will not sell, trade, transfer, rent or share information with any third party. If you require a separate non-disclosure agreement, you may contact Client Services or we are happy to sign yours.

Meeting Your Deadline

Make certain to meet your next publisher's deadline while maintaining high editing standards. Achieve exceptional results on your timetable by allowing one of our managing editors to oversee your project.

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Professional Book Editors
Our literary manuscript editors have experience writing for publishers and agents. A close examination from an experienced and qualified literary manuscript editor and proofreader can give your project what it needs to be properly noticed.

Experience is Paramount

Focus on taking your project to the next level with a literary manuscript editor from our dedicated crew. Whether you need book proofreading services or book editing services for your upcoming best-selling novel, short story or historical biography, we have literary manuscript editors experienced in your genre waiting to work with you. Each year, freelance editors contact WordSharp. Only the best possess the academic standards, comprehensive experience and a record of successful publishing necessary to become part of our team. We offer you a free sample edit because we know you will be happy with our service.

Affordable Expert Service

We know these services can get expensive. That's why we proofread and edit for ~1 cent per word. Use your cost calculator to determine the exact rate.

Q: What's one of the main complaints in Amazon book reviews?

A: Lack of proper editing and proofreading!

What we can do for your book manuscript

Content Editing and Developmental Book Editing

  • Properly adjust the pace and tone
  • Eework plot issues to make your plot more original and gripping
  • Suggest apposite topic development
  • Make your characters stronger
  • Improve sentence construction, precision and organization
  • Revise dialogue to make it more naturalistic and authentic
  • Eliminate redundancies, errors in logic, inconsistencies, wordiness and other prose issues
  • Construct your table of contents and all other "front matter" pages (e.g., title page, copyright page, dedication and more).

At no charge, in the margins, we can make evaluative comments and explain corrections and suggestions covering the following questions.

  • How can the marketability of your manuscript be improved?
  • Does the book's content have any major structural or organization problems?
  • Have you missed any essential elements or underdeveloped any topics or scenes?
  • Is your book too brief or too protracted and, if so, why?
  • Are there stereotypes or clichés that render the manuscript weaker?
  • Are the characters imaginative and developed fully?
  • Is there too much interior monologue or description and exposition at the expense of dialogue and/or action?
  • Is there the proper amount of suspense, believability, tension, conflict and action?
  • Are there other things that you, the author, can do to improve the book's content?

Look here for novel editing and for romance novel editing.

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Attach your first chapter to an email and ask for a sample. We'll proofread, edit and format a section for you.

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Book Proofreading and Editing Service

We're committed to providing top-quality book editing service. Our book editors have extensive experience in the following key book-related areas:

Adventure book editing and proofreading - Autobiography editing - Biography editing and proofreading - Comedy proofreading - Contemporary book editing and proofreading - Drama editing - Entertainment proofreading - Fantasy editing - Fiction editing and proofreading - Genre editing - Health proofreading - Historical fiction editing - Horror editing and proofreading - Literature editing - Manuscript editing and proofreading - Memoir editing - Mind and Body proofreading - Mystery editing- Nonfiction editing and proofreading - Novel editing and proofreading - Reference editing - Romance editing and proofreading - Science editing - Sci-fi editing and proofreading - Self-help editing - Short Story editing and proofreading - Suspense editing - Teen editing and proofreading - Thriller editing - Travel proofreading - Tween editing - Western editing and proofreading - YA editing

proofreading and book editing
I have already submitted three of my novels to your company for editing. I have been very satisfied with the job your writing editor has done. If possible, I would like the same writing editor to review No Man's Land. All feedback has been valuable.
I wanna thank you a bunch for this. Felt not only edited, but "heard."
I am pursuing the publishing. As I move ebe delighted if you could help with book two when I've done an edit myself.
Send a shout out to Charlie too,
Thank you kindly for your help with my book. I have been dragging my feet on this for month. Just not sure of myself. You made it so easy.
Thanks a ton for the fantastic manuscript editing. Honestly, I must say you have exceeded my expectations. The changes improve the book and yet retain the original feel of my writing. Rest assured once I am done writing my next book, I will have you edit, proofread.
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thank you so much for your time and attention to detail. The manuscript looks great. Working with you has been easy. I really appreciate everything you have done for me. I will be sure to refer your company to any of my clients that need your services. I'm excited to use your services in the future for my next books. P.S. My husband thanks you too (now he's off the hook).
I received my edited copy of Knack from you and your team today. I wanted to thank you for the kind words and helpful updates. The personal touch and interest in my work made a big impact on my spirits. I am so pleased with the editing, comments and suggestions. My heartfelt thanks for your thoughtful work and advice. It means a lot to me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated every single comment, adjustment, suggestion and, most of all, advice on the story. I have incorporated your suggestions for the book (all of them), and the story is the better for it. Your personal touch & professionalism are top shelf! Thank you for being such pros. Best Wishes to you and your company.
-Tom Twitchell

I wanted to say thanks for the encouragement and the well thought out editing. I've entered Knack in the Kindle Scout Contest for new authors. Today (and thanks for your efforts) the book has been "Hot & Trending" trading in the #1 and #2 positions for all entries, and #1 most of the day for newer entries. Best,
I've reviewed your edited version of my manuscript entitled, City of Cozenage: Forest of No Return. I am very please with your company's professional work and the great job they did editing my manuscript. I want to sincerely thank you and the team for helping me cross over the edit hurdle for which I am truly grateful. As I approach the next publishing hurdle – finding a literary agent – I feel confident that the services you provided me will be a significant aid in accomplishing that objective. I shall always be mindful of your services. And, I look forward to working with your team in the not-to-distant future.
A grateful client,
Landon H. Lewis, Jr.
Swift and thorough proofreading and copyediting of my book. The comments and revisions led to my most significant revision. I now have a smooth, flowing book. If I could say one thing about WordSharp, it would be that I highly recommend your services. Very patient. Tremendously helpful suggestions and restated phrases much better.
You put everything into this book. It looks terrific. The book is so much better now. You’ve always been able to edit precisely and alter my stories to best convey the heart of my writing. You guys really do great work.
I value WordSharp and the superior service provided. Their people are always a pleasure. I am so happy with my book proofreading. Your editors are manuscript angels. My book will be out in July of next year.
Please pass along my sincere appreciation for the effort and comments. You followed through with your quick, low-cost book editing. You even did some cursory research to improve the authenticity—amazing. I know where you are if I need proofreading services in the future. I’ll utilize your services again if I am in need of some proofreading. Feel free to use my endorsement anytime.
I want to thank you for your meticulous proofread of Myth Makers. I could not be more pleased nor grateful for the detailed attention you paid.
-Debra Tillery