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Doctoral Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services

Your dissertation will be approved — guaranteed.*

Turnaround time is currently 3-5 business days.

Over 50% of doctoral students fail to complete a dissertation
(Sowell, 2008).

The vast majority of dissertations fail to conform fully to the required citation style. This is one of the primary reasons for rewrite after rewrite, leading to lost time, considerable cost, delays in the job search or even failing to graduate. We are here to manage that process and to help secure committee approval for you.

*Your dissertation editing, proofreading, and formatting will be approved by both your committee and school.

We're proud to say, in over twenty years, we have never needed to pay a refund.

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Dissertation Editing Experts

The content analysts from our dissertation services are all teaching and research professionals who have decades of experience with graduate students. Each has earned his or her own doctorate and inherently understands the graduate process. Be assured, we are familiar with a variety of subject areas in your discipline. Our specialists are top academics with the evaluative aptitude, critical knowledge, analytical proficiency, and citation style expertise to get you through the process.

School-specific criteria
We understand that schools differ in their dissertation criteria. That's why we make sure to accommodate individual needs. We work with all of the major citation style formats and can handle any deviations required by your school. We can also assist you in formatting the front matter (e.g., title page, signature page, and table of contents) and back matter (i.e., references and appendices) to meet the requirements of your university, school, or department.

Although dissertation criteria change from institution to institution, our dissertation editors and correctors are specialists in concepts that never change—critical thinking and superior research design and development. We're here to help you assess each section of your manuscript resulting in a well-crafted dissertation, ready for proposal and final PhD defense.

Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Service

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What's involved in proofreading
We examine your dissertation to remove errors in spelling, agreement, and punctuation. Mistakes in grammar can come across as errors in logic since they certainly confuse the reader, making it appear that the premises of your dissertation are disconnected or flawed. Dissertation proofreading focuses on catching the errors such as sentence fragments, subject-verb agreement, pronoun referents, run-ons, ineffective or inappropriate verb forms, and other grammatical errors, especially the ones Microsoft Word's spelling and grammar check routinely ignores. See a full editing, proofreading, and formatting list.

What's involved in editing
Our dissertation editing service focuses on these components in the editing process:
Personal service from your dissertation editor
When using our professional dissertation services, your work is always corrected by academic editors with over a decade of experience working with students and with knowledge of writing and publishing academic journal articles and other work. Your insight and opinions are integral to the success of your work. Please include all of your instructions and concerns when submitting your work.

Meeting the needs of students
Our dissertation editing service is for students who need added organization, clarity, and style to their writing or who need their language raised to academic standards. Additionally, it is a perfect service for those students who may be non-native speakers who need help that goes beyond just proofreading. Dissertation editing at this point in the process greatly assists your advisor and committee by presenting your research in a more organized, highly readable style. Something many students do not think about, dissertation editing also greatly facilitates the shift from your dissertation defense to the launch of your career.

Whether you are completely self-assured about your writing or hesitant about your ability to share your thoughts, you can benefit from editing. Our dissertation editing service will correct your document's, flow, continuity, and word choice as well as making sure you are properly supporting your thoughts and positions. In addition, we make sure that the meaning in your writing is clear and easy for readers to understand. We want you to be successful and we do our best to make sure your writing represents your ideas in your dissertation in the best way possible.

Professional dissertation editors save time
By making sure that all of our dissertation editors have more than a decade of experience writing and editing, we get your work done quickly and efficiently. Our dissertation editors are all published authors who are committed to helping you. We have advanced degrees and experience in a variety of scientific areas. Remember, beyond just proofreading and editing, our dissertation editors are here to answer your questions and give you suggestions.

Why we proof and edit
Some students find it difficult to control being too verbose. Some are not quite sure what to include and what to leave out. Often, writers are so engaged in their own work that they fill pages with a great deal of information but fail to organize their work properly or express themselves with the best word choice. We specialize in beautifying language, and transforming drafts into the dissertation you want.

Dissertation APA Style Formatting Service

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We offer our dissertation APA style formatting as an add-on service when you order dissertation editing and proofreading. We prepare your doctoral dissertation according to the latest version of your style guide. We can also accommodate your university-specific guidelines. Combined with proofreading and editing, with our APA style formatting service, you have a fully paginated version of your dissertation with preliminary pages, headings, citations, and references in proper form and arrangement. Additionally, we create a citation to reference verification file for you to note when citations are not in the reference section and references are not in the body of the dissertation as in-text citations.

For a no-obligation cost estimate and more information about ordering dissertation editing, proofreading, and citation style formatting, please feel free to interact with us through our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Trust us with all of your dissertation editing, proofreading, and citation style formatting needs. We can solve your dissertation problems timely and effectively while giving guidance about whether your arguments are flowing correctly or where extra references or explanations are required. We can edit your dissertation and work to ensure that your requirements are met including the most troublesome aspects of formatting (e.g., tables, pagination, and working to make your references consistent and correct).

Try before you buy!

Send us the first chapter of your work and ask for a FREE dissertation editing sample. We'll choose a section to proofread, edit, and format, then return it to you within about 48 hours. Let our professionals ensure that the meaning of your words comes through, not your mistakes.
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Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Service FAQ

We proofread, copy edit and format doctoral dissertations of all types and match them to a writing editor with a Ph.D. and years of experience. See a full editing, proofreading, and formatting list.

Yes! We correct grammar as part of our doctoral dissertation proofreading service.

Doctoral dissertation proofreading and copy editing
Grammar, typographical errors, misspellings, punctuation, clarity, comma splices, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, subject-verb disagreement, verb tense, idioms, colloquialisms, academic language, flow, phrasing ambiguities, audience appropriateness, organization, structure, theme, rhetorical consistency, levels of diction, and lexical register. See here for a complete list of what's involved in our proofreading and editing service.

Doctoral dissertation formatting
Specific to your school and citation style.

If you send your doctoral dissertation in Microsoft Word format, we can return two copies to you when finished. One is the original with changes made and marked. The other is the final version.

All of our doctoral dissertation editors have doctoral degrees and years of training as teachers, published authors, and professionals in various disciplines. We provide the right editor for your needs. We default to American English, APA publication style, and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. We’re happy to use other styles and conventions. However, any deviations from these rules must be noted by the author beforehand to avoid re-editing.

No. The editing function has been a long-time feature and the files we send you are for a PC or Mac.

We much prefer Microsoft Word because of its Track Changes feature. However, if you check with us first, we support digital texts in a range of formats (e.g., Microsoft Word, Works, AppleWorks, Pages, Rich Text, and Open Office).

Our editors ensure that your doctoral dissertation editing complies with your style requirements. Specify whether you are using APA, MLA, Chicago, CSE, either of the Canadian styles, Harvard, Turabian, International English, ASA, Australian, Vancouver, Oxford Style, or another citation style of your choosing.

A member of our doctoral dissertation editing staff can usually respond within two to three hours. We complete most dissertations within a few business days. An editor and proofreader will accept it only if we can have the finished doctoral dissertation editing back to you before your deadline.

Proofreading and editing are approximately 1 cent per word; the exact price can be determined using our cost calculator. Formatting is approximately ½ a cent per word.

We currently accept PayPal, Zelle, SquareUp, Venmo, bank cards, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, and Maestro. The method of payment is a secure system with industry standard 128-bit encryption. This is the premier form of encryption available for Internet transactions and is the same level of security used in cash machines (ATMs) and most retail stores. Please note: An account is not required to process your credit card and our staff never see your personal data.

The proofreading and editing rate is based on word count and your choice between proofreading and editing or formatting too. Unlike other doctoral dissertation editing companies, we do not have confusing editing rates per page or vague quotes. We provide exact figures for editing services. Send us your file and specify editing and proofreading and whether you want formatting too.

MS Word has a feature that you can use to obtain a word count. Alternatively, send it to us. We will calculate the amount and send you an email with a link to your invoice and payment options. If you want to calculate it yourself, multiply the number of words in your doctoral dissertation times 0.013 for proofreading and editing or times 0.019 for proofreading, editing, and formatting. For instance: 30,000 x 0.013 = $390 [USD].

Our smallest charge is $25 [USD]. If you have a project with a shorter word count than the minimum, we may be able to work on it for you, but the charge would be $25 USD.

We reword individual sentences. We may rearrange sentences. We may offer suggestions to improve the organization of paragraphs and sections within your doctoral dissertation. Complete rewriting would constitute plagiarism and is not an option.

We consider the issues surrounding intellectual copyright and confidentiality to be crucial. Only your doctoral dissertation editor and a managing editor have access to your doctoral dissertation. Each of our staff members is required to sign a copy of the confidentiality agreement, which ensures that under no circumstances can an employee share your doctoral dissertation editing with anyone. If you require a separate non-disclosure agreement, contact us. Unless you request otherwise, all doctoral dissertation editing and related files are deleted after sixty days. We do not sell, trade, transfer, rent or share ANY information with ANY other party. All doctoral dissertation editing reviewed by our editors remain the intellectual property of you, the original author. In keeping with our strict confidentiality, we never release names or titles without prior consent. For further information, view our privacy policy.

We make use of the most powerful and updated security measures including the industry standard in encryption (128-bit secure socket layer). This is the highest level of security commercially available and is the same standard of security used in cash machines (ATMs) and by many retail stores. To protect your credit card information, we have partnered with Venmo, PayPal, and SquareUp to offer you the most trusted financial transaction systems on the Internet. The entire payment process is conducted through one of their secure websites. No banking information or credit card data is ever collected or stored by us.

You always maintain ownership and copyright. We make no claim on your copyright, and we do not require credit or acknowledgment beyond the fees for the services rendered. It is a commonly accepted practice for some writers to credit us as their editor and this is always appreciated.

All of our editors and proofreaders must, at a minimum: (a) be native speakers of English; (b) have at least five years of professional experience as a writing editor; (c) have a doctoral degree; and (d) provide samples of their writing, proofreading and editing. A typical editor has more than fifteen years of professional experience and is published in his or her chosen field.

We are confident that our doctoral dissertation proofreading services are among the best in the industry. We are a professional company focused on you providing the best service possible. Each doctoral dissertation is proofread twice before returning it to you. If you are not completely satisfied, you can resubmit your doctoral dissertation for further editing/proofreading. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Yes, although we can nearly always tell when we read something, please specify which form of English you need when you place your order.

Doctoral dissertation editors are available nearly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our administrative staff is available between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST (GMT −6); we typically answer messages within a few hours.

Our global headquarters is based in the United States in Chicago, Illinois. Your communications are channeled through this office.

After looking at our FAQ, if you still have a question, its best to contact Client Services by email.

Even the best writers benefit from an impartial, professional and thorough look at their doctoral dissertation. Our editors recognize things in your doctoral dissertation that become unnoticeable to you. After you have done several drafts, reviewing and revising, that familiarity with the doctoral dissertation results in your filling in missing text and skipping over errors when you read.

Your doctoral dissertation will be print-ready subject to the state of the project when submitted to us and subject to individual specifications from your school.

We edit all sorts of styles, dialects, special kinds of formatting and other types of creativity. If there is something you do not want us to alter, mention this when you email the doctoral dissertation.

Certainly you may explain things to your doctoral dissertation editor. Once it arrives, your doctoral dissertation is quickly routed directly to a chief editor who is familiar with, and appreciates, your type of doctoral dissertation. A client services representative will be happy to relay your comments and queries to your doctoral dissertation editor and then send the answers back.

Any feedback you receive from your doctoral dissertation editor is for the purpose of improving your work.

Our editing and proofreading service most closely resembles what is often called copyediting with some additional checks and benefits. What we do would not be considered developmental editing or content editing.

Contact us directly with your doctoral dissertation editing questions. One of our chief editors will be more than happy to discuss your doctoral dissertation with you and provide any additional information you may require.

What we fix when we proofread and edit your dissertation or thesis



countable quantifiers


misplaced modifiers

colon use

incorrect prepositions

verb tense

missing punctuation

noun strings

misuse of quantifiers


capitalization issues


infinitives without "to"


modal verb use errors

use of articles

gerund / infinitive use

comma splices

misplaced punctuation

verb form use

uncountable quantifiers

passive issues

incomplete comparisons

number issues

misuse of "like" and "as"

semicolon use

subject-verb agreement

shifting tenses

unbalanced punctuation


bullet point punctuation

misused words

commas after interrupters

countable nouns

redundant pair of words

run-on sentences

misuse of "much"

parallel structure

pronoun case agreement

double negatives

adjective and adverb use

sequence of tense

vague pronoun references

faulty parallelisms

commas before interrupters

uncountable nouns

use of "other" and "another"

limiting modifiers

comma-introductory clauses

use of subjunctive

misused subordinate clauses

duplicate pronouns

end-of-sentence prepositions

dangling modifiers

end-of-sentence punctuation

sentence fragments

misuse of "these" and "those"

active voice issues

unnecessary infinitive clauses

sequence of words

comma-essential information

squinting modifiers

pronoun-antecedent agreement

hyphenation issues

absolute adjectives comparison

typographical errors

comma-nonessential information

comma-coordinating conjunctions



hyphenation of phrases

en dash versus space

en dash versus hyphen

compound words

hyphenation of words

Spelling Consistency

phrases to avoid or consider

preferred spellings

numbers in sentences

common typos


spelling variations



used before definition

used only once

defined in two ways

defined twice

without definitions

in two forms

not used


parentheses & quotes left open

Oxford comma

comments left in the text

style points



Tables, Boxes, and Figures

missing table, box, figure, or title

capitals in tables

order of tables, boxes, figures, and titles

punctuation in tables

consistency of tables, boxes, figures, titles


headings in capitals

phrases in capitals


Bullet punctuation

list capitals

list punctuation

bullet capitals


flow and clarity

lexical register

anthropomorphic language


level of diction


academic word choice

phrasing ambiguities


rhetorical consistency

audience appropriateness



This includes the thousands of rules that are part of your citation style.

Scholarly writing principles

Reporting standards

Bias-free language

Heading levels







Table of contents

Front matter

Some of the citation styles we use:

We are familiar with the doctoral dissertation style guides for most universities, including these and many more:

University Dissertation Editing Proofreading Services

We're committed to providing top-quality academic services. Our writing editors and correctors have extensive experience in the following key academic manuscript areas:

Bachelor's thesis proofreading
- Academic and professional editing - Article editing - Case study editing - Conference paper editing - Thesis proposal editing - Thesis proposal proofreading - Thesis proofreading and analysis - Thesis prospectus editing - Thesis prospectus proofreading - Instructional handbook editing - Journal article editing - Monograph editing - Textbook proofreading - Doctoral editing and proofreading - Book manuscript editing - Style guides: APA, MLA, Chicago Style (CSM), CSE, Canadian English, Harvard, Turabian, International English, ASA, Australian, Vancouver, Oxford Style, or another citation style of your choosing.

Client Comments
Thanks so much for the great job in editing my dissertation. You picked up so many errors that I overlooked after reading it so many times. Also, you found a lot of examples of ineffective word choices that I used repeatedly without even realizing it. After looking at the edits, I consider myself a stronger writer since I know to avoid those errors again! I submitted the dissertation to the university format checker, and it was already approved. I know that a lot of people get held up with that process, so it was a relief not to have to deal with that. On top of that, my committee chair scheduled my defense today after reviewing my final draft. Thank you again! I will definitely recommend your service to others, and I will be in touch again if I have other projects that need editing!
-Joe (This review appears on Google My Business)

I am writing to tell you that you did a great job on my Ph.D. dissertation. I thought it would take a couple of weeks. Wow. You did a remarkable job in a short time. You are well worth it. God bless.

Thank you SO MUCH for your work on my dissertation! Happy Friday! I really appreciate all of your help! I plan to pursue opportunities to work with English language learners and hopefully be able to continue my doctoral research on the university level! I hope that you have a wonderful day and weekend!

I heard from the form and style review person, two levels above my committee. She said she would return my dissertation by the end of the day tomorrow. I can't remember if I told you that I have a five on three separate sections, those granted by the reader approved with commendation. So, my friends, I am truly grateful. Again, thank you.
Best ever,

I just want to say thank you so much for the amazing review of my dissertation. Besides the grammatical issues, which I knew there were many, your reviewer picked up on spacing, commas, and many items in the references. I am so glad I used your services and you definitely improved my paper immensely! I am very grateful to the person who did the review and please pass along my heartfelt thanks!

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I went through all of the editing changes made to my dissertation.

Your revision of chapters 1-3 was perfect along with the table of contents and I loved the citation/reference summary for my dissertation.

I am extremely contented with the dissertation proofreading service. I will use them again. Fees are great. Timely and good suggestions. I think of everyone there as my doctoral team!

Thank you very much for all your editing and proofreading suggestions! If anything else comes up regarding my dissertation, I'll certainly reach out to you.  Keep in mind that I'll definitely recommend you in the future. As a side note, I'm still in a bit of euphoria shock.

I am very pleased with the services of WordSharp Editing. My dissertation has over 350 references and is nearly 300 pages long. The proofreading services I received from you were tremendous. You guys exceeded my expectations.

I have exciting news, in that you are nearly finished having to deal with me! I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your timely, professional assistance with my doctoral dissertation. I am happy to give exuberant feedback regarding your efforts, and have done so in recommending you to many in my program. I am attaching dissertation components; my 5 chapters, and I am sure you have vast experience compiling a final copy. Again, APA 7 please, updated table of contents, pagination, references, appendices, and all other standards denoted by my college's handbook. You never see the faces of those whom you help, but most assuredly mine will be overcome with delight at seeing your finished product. Thank you for all of your previous work, and in advance for the final product. Please let me know if you require anything from me.

You did an excellent job proofreading my dissertation quickly and carefully. You surpassed all of my expectations and made my dissertation publishable. You even fixed the tables! I thought that was well beyond what I could expect from a copyeditor at your rates. You made my work with a quite lengthy dissertation much easier. Your company is a lifesaver.

I am very excited!!! Thank you. I used your services for my dissertation proposal so I am confident I will pass.

I have the final draft from you. I appreciate your comments. Your dissertation formatting is a lifesaver. Thanks

Thanks so much. WordSharp is the best. Hopefully I will get this version of my dissertation approved. I read the corrections and the writing editor did a truly amazing job of fixing my "hidden verbs" and split infinitives. Just my luck to have an English major on the committee! I also appreciated the writing editor's suggestions on content, which I'll review and refine as well. After spending so long looking at the same pages, I'm at the stage where what is on the page is not what I am seeing.

Hi--I have used your service previously to edit my dissertation proposal and your claims are 100% accurate. My proposal was approved shortly after. My husband has used your service and I have recommended it to the other doctoral candidates who are writing their dissertation! Ok that aside I have completed my sections 4 and 5 and need them edited (full editing as before).

Thanks for all your help with my dissertation. I just wish I had found you sooner.

Thank you for the timely turnarounds through the dissertation editing process. Warmest regards,

My dissertation is something to be proud of because of you. Did a good job with APA. Having a pair of fresh eyes and professional proofers fine-tuned my doctoral dissertation. Did a thorough job editing, proofreading, and providing great suggestions for how to improve flow & clarity of my write-up.

Thank you for your enormous help. It looks that you had a huge "fun" by revising my dissertation text. I'm very happy with the final result. Good luck! All the best,