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Proofreading & Editing Rates

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Proofreading and Editing Service

Calculate rates here (about 1 cent per word)

◾ grammar ◾ tense ◾ punctuation ◾ misspellings ◾ typographical errors ◾ sentence fragments ◾ subject-verb agreement ◾ flow ◾ clarity ◾ transition ◾ word choice ◾ organization ◾ phrasing ambiguities ◾ audience appropriateness ◾ theme ◾ rhythm ◾ structure ◾ colloquialisms ◾ lexical register ◾ levels of diction ◾ rhetorical consistency ◾ and much more! (See a complete list.)

Style Formatting and Layout Services

Calculate rates here (about ½ a cent per word for each service)

1. Citation Style Formatting
We have experts in APA format, MLA, Chicago Style (CSM), Canadian English, Harvard, Turabian, International English, ASA, Australian, Vancouver, and Oxford Style. We can also do any other citation style of your choosing.


2. Book Manuscript Layout / Self-Publishing Layout
We get your manuscript ready for publishing. The service includes spacing of text appropriate for the style of the manuscript, paragraph indenting, chapter breaks, page numbering and page headers using custom fonts in any style requested. A title page, a copyright page and table of contents are inserted along with any other preliminary pages required (e.g., acknowledgments or dedication). During the formatting process, we remove any incorrect formatting such as extraneous line returns, manual double spacing, poorly formatted tabs and line breaks caused by hyphens. The manuscript can be set to whatever size you require with margins and gutters set at the correct dimensions for printing in that size. The format is done to your specifications by our layout experts. We have thousands of fonts to choose from for your book title and text. Trim sizes include pocket book, digest (5.5 x 8.5), A5, US trade (6 x 9), royal, crown quarto, small square, large hardcover, A4, large square, US letter and landscape.

Cover Design


We offer single-image covers with title and author for digital publishing at a cost of $120. These are suitable for Kindle of ePub books. You must provide the image for the cover art.

Print Book

We offer single-image front cover, single-image back cover, spine and all text for print book covers at a cost of $240. You must provide the images for the cover art.

ISBN Generation and Maintenance

$50 [USD]

We offer single ISBN registration for just $50. This is 1/3 the price of Bowkers.*

*We do not resell ISBNs. We are the publisher of record.
Get your EAN barcode generated free when you register an ISBN through us, (a $25 value).

ePub or Kindle Fire/DX Conversion

$85 [USD]

Kindle DX/Fire Conversion or ePub Conversion
A flat fee applies for each conversion; depending on the manuscript size and complexity — typically $85. More complex documents that require an hourly fee include those with things such as multiple images or tables.

Want your book on Amazon in less than a week?

Go digital. Extraneous commands in a Word document or PDF can make a digital book look horrible. We strip out all of the extraneous materials in your file and make your book look beautiful when viewed on an Amazon DX, Fire, Paperwhite, or Voyage.

What we need from you What you receive from us
With purchase, receive a FREE PDF file of your book suitable for upload to Lulu, CreateSpace and others.

Advanced Manuscript Layout and Format Services

Quotes Available upon Request

Appropriate manuscripts for this service include, but are not limited to, those that include many images, charts, tables, figures or other special formatting. Images will need to be sent separately from the text in JPEG, TIFF or GIF format. The images can be resized and compressed and will be inserted into the manuscript where indicated by the author. This service does not include the creation of artwork or securing the rights to artwork or images, but it does include resizing and positioning them to obtain the best overall design. The service includes providing the best layout for picture captions, sidebars, and any information outside the main body of the text.

The service also includes the insertion and formatting of a table of contents, footnotes or endnotes should they be required and conversion to PDF.

The cost of this service depends upon the size of the manuscript, the quantity of images and/or graphics to be included, and effort necessary to design and create the final ready-to-print manuscript. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

WordSharp and its agents accept no liability for insertion of any images you do not own or have permission to use.

The digital manuscript layout and advanced digital manuscript format and layout services can be purchased in conjunction with an edit or as stand-alone services. If purchased without an edit, the price quoted is for a manuscript of 40,000-80,000 words. For larger word counts, please check with us for a custom rate.

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Proofreading and editing

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Citation style formatting, or print manuscript layout, or digital manuscript layout

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Rush Charges

Documents requiring expedited turnaround will incur a rush charge. For "per word" services, the charge is usually an additional cent per word.

Please Note: We do not write papers for students.