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“I didn’t know how good a professional résumé could look. It's no wonder I wasn’t getting the interviews I needed.” Photo and story used with Maribeth's approval.

Maribeth’s Résumé Writing Case Study

Again and again, Maribeth applied for teaching positions but got practically nowhere. Even with a substitute teacher certificate and several years of education experience, she only had one interview. Maribeth called some of the schools to learn why they weren’t contacting her. Most told Maribeth they didn’t see how her qualifications fit the position.

Maribeth asked for help from us. Within twenty-four hours, our résumé service sent her a focused résumé and a cover letter that really told her story. School administrators took notice. Within three weeks, she got several interviews and Maribeth accepted a job offer.

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If you only need proofreading and editing of your existing resume or CV, the cost is $25.

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We do not offer free samples of our work on client resumes or CVs. However, you can see samples of our resume service.